22 March 2013

Friday BeerBuzz - 22 Mar 2013 Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp w/Matt Smith (Video)

WILK Friday BeerBuzz - Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet 1.5 w/Matt Smith

WILKFridayBerbuzz14Beer is all about fun…it’s a social beverage and a drink that brings people together.  While we all can appreciate the time and effort brewers put into their beer, and while I know it is very serious business, sometimes it’s nice to just have fun with beer.

Enter Clown Shoes Beer and the fun will begin immediately.  Coming to us from Ipswich, MA, Clown Shoes beer has been on the scene since 2009 and in a very short period of time they have found a following.  Before you dismiss the beers as all marketing or form over function, stop and drink a few.  It’s no accident or marketing trickery that has put Clown Shoes in over 28 states, with more to come, and it’s no accident that they have 20+ different beers covering every standard beer style as well as a few of their own.

Today we welcomed Matt Smith from Clown Shoes beer on to the show to talk beer (and Clown Shoes).  Before we go too much further, we should point out that Matt will be at AuRants on March 26th to pour some Clown Shoes beers so be sure to go check out the beers AND say hi to Matt.  It was a lot of fun talk beer with Matt, and really interesting to see how Clown Shoes got it’s start and it’s name.  Yes we had to ask Matt about their latest beer coming in April…Galactica DIPA…and of course we sampled beer too.
With so many choices out there in the Clown Shoes lineup, it was hard to taste just one…so we didn’t.  Up first was a new version of the beer that started it all for Clown Shoes….Hoppy Feet 1.5,  This Double Black IPA was brewed as part of the 1st anniversary for Clown Shoes and it is loaded with Amarillo & Columbus hops.  Maybe it’s the double dry hopping or maybe it’s the malty balance, but either way you’re going to love this double black IPA.

A story about Clown Shoes would not be complete without addressing a bit of controversy.  As you can see, some of their labels drew some fire and criticism as being sexist or offensive.  One such label, Tramp Stamp ignited the fire…but much of the “sexist-fire” was doused when people realized the artist was actually a woman, Stacey George.  Check out her response here.
As a tribute to Stacey we decided to also sample Tramp Stamp today.  This beer is a big Belgian IPA that is loaded with yeasty and citrus flavors thanks in part to the sweet orange peel and centennial hops.  It’s flavor is bold and complex and it finishes clean so it’s real easy to drink. 

Be sure to get out and try Clown Shoes beers…whether it’s at AuRants or otherwise, you will not be disappointed.  And be sure to stop and enjoy the label art and say thank you to Stacey George.

Thank you to Matt Smith from Clown Shoes Beer, Nancy, John & Joe for yet another

fun Friday.

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together.As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

20 March 2013

Friday BeerBuzz - 22 Mar 2013 - The Teaser

WILKFridayBerbuzz14Last week it was an honor to again speak with Jim Koch from Boston Beer.  It was also very exciting to taste the beer that began craft brewing in the U.S. in Jack McAuliffe’s New Albion Ale.  The beer is great and the story and history of this beer are wonderful so get out there and try some for yourself.  Thanks again Jim.

So what will we be sampling this week? Hint: This week we’re having fun…so much fun you’ll feel it in your feet.  

Tune in at 8:30AM and see what beer we sample on the Friday BeerBuzz on WILK…bringing good beers and good people together. (103.1FM or wilknewsradio.com)

15 March 2013

Friday BeerBuzz - 15 Mar 2013 - New Albion Ale w/Jim Koch

WILK Friday BeerBuzz - 15 Mar 2013 New Albion Ale w/Jim Koch

Three years ago when we launched the WILK Friday BeerBuzz, I started the very first show with a mixture of excitement & terror.  As each show passed and we began welcoming guests, I couldn’t quite believe what we were doing.  Featuring great craft beer and getting to chat with some really special members of the brewing community, it was all too good to be true…but things changed in Nov 2011. 

On our final show of Nov 2011, we hit another gear and welcomed a superstar in the brewing industry, Jim Koch from Boston Beer Co. on to the show.  This was a tipping point for me and it was not only an honor to talk to Jim, but a tremendous accomplishment personally to get the chance.

Jump forward to March 2013 and we thought the timing was perfect to invite Jim back on the show, but this time it was a little different.  Today on the show we welcomed Jim Koch back, but not to feature a traditional Samuel Adams beer…instead we featured a beer that was something much more.

Today we highlighted a beer brewed by Boston Beer Co, but a recipe and brand that dates back 30-years.  New Albion Brewing Co was opened by Jack McAuliffe in 1976 in Sonoma CA.  Jack literally built the brewery by hand and even though it failed in 1982, Jacks accomplishments created the blueprint and roadmap for the U.S. craft brewing industry and many future breweries.
In 2012, with the trademark for New Albion Ale reaching expiration, Jim Koch & Jack McAuliffe bought the brand and revived the recipe (and even yeast) for the original 30-year old New Albion Ale.  In July 2012 Jack & Jim met to brew the beer, launching it at GABF 2012 and releasing it to the public in Jan 2013.

So how is the beer?  New Albion Ale pours a deep golden color with notes of citrus and floral in the nose, the taste is somewhat hop forward with a cereal flavor up front and a clean but sweet finish that leaves you wanting more.  It’s a very good beer and an amazing taste of history.

Get out there now and try this beer…and as you taste the beer, you’ll also get a chance to taste the history and genesis of the American craft brewing scene.  This is a classic recipe for a brewery that was ahead of it’s time and I congratulate Jack McAuliffe for his vision and Jim Koch for his creativity and appreciation for the significance of this beer.  As a bonus, all profits go to Jack McAuliffe so be sure to try it for yourself.

Thank you to Jim Koch from Boston Beer (and Jack McAuliffe from New Albion Brewing), Nancy, John & Joe for yet another

fun Friday.

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together.As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

13 March 2013

Friday BeerBuzz - 15 Mar 2013 The Teaser

Last week we threw you a curve ball and featured Pabst Blue Ribbon and Brewmaster Greg Deuhs.  Great is a great success story in the brewing industry and as well as a member of our military for many years and we thank him for both.  It was also great to feature a beer some of our listeners were not expecting, and then blow everyone out of the water as we highlighted the GABF gold medals and awards Greg and Pabst brewing have won for PBR.  This is a beer everyone should try and see for yourself what I mean.

So what will we be sampling this week? Hint: This week one of our biggest guests returns to the show, but he’s here to highlight someone else’s beer.

Tune in at 8:30AM and see what beer we sample on the Friday BeerBuzz on WILK…bringing good beers and good people together. (103.1FM or wilknewsradio.com)

08 March 2013

Friday BeerBuzz - Pabst Blue Ribbon w/Greg Deuhs

WILK Friday BeerBuzz - 8 Mar 2013 Pabst Blue Ribbon w/Greg Deuhs

WILKFridayBerbuzz8We love throwing curve balls on the WILK Friday BeerBuzz.  Whether it’s an unusual style or a style not necessarily appropriate to the season, we’re always looking for something to mix it up.  While you may look at our featured beer of the day and think you understand the curve; truth is you’d be dead wrong.

We feature all sorts of great beers on the show, and while some of you may question a non-mainstream-craft choice, once again you’d be wrong.  Today we chose to bring you a beer that some may take for granted or even dismiss as a non-craft beer, but I’m here to tell you differently.

Our featured brewery today is Pabst Brewing Co, and it’s brewing roots date back to 1844.  Pabst Brewing Company is know for many different lines of beer such as Lone Star, Old Milwaukee, Colt 45, Schlitz, National Bohemian, Schmidt's, Schaefer, Olympia and even Stroh's…but no other beer represents the brewery like our featured beer of the day…..Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Pabst Blue Ribbon (or PBR as it is widely known) is a beer that began in 1882, when it was named “select” and actually had real silk ribbons tied around the bottle.  This beer has been part of the Pabst Brewing portfolio for years and finally in 1895, the famous Pabst “select” brew was renamed Blue Ribbon.  Pabst Blue Ribbon has seen a resurgence in recent years and it has risen to become a cult classic.  If you’re not sure why the younger generations of beer drinker have adopted PBR, I’m here to tell you why….stay tuned.

Our guest today was Pabst brewmaster Greg Deuhs.  Greg has a rich brewing history that had his hands on the beer for Miller, Stroh's, James Page Brewing and even Redhook Brewing before landing as Brewmaster at Pabst.  In his lifetime Greg has not only “served” beer, but held a dual career path as he served in the army.  It was interesting to talk to Greg about the two careers and how he managed to have a rich history with both.

It was a lot of fun talking beer with Greg and sampling his flagship PBR American Lager on the show.  Who knew PBR quietly uses 6-row barley, pacific domestic hops as well as a Yugoslavian variety of hops in the brew.  And here’s you’re curveball…did you know little old PRB managed to win GABF Gold medals in a tough category (American Style Lager & Light Lager) in 2012, 2006 and 2005?  Still not convinced?  Did you know Pabst Brewing and our guest Greg Deuhs won the coveted 2012 GABF Large Brewer and Brewery of the Year?  How about now?

Pabst Blue Ribbon is an award winning beer that comes from an award winning brewer…and if you haven’t done so already, get out there and try it for yourself.  Don’t get lost in the hype and don’t pre-judge this beer, otherwise you will swing and miss my curve ball.  Cheers & congratulations Greg!

Thank you to Greg Deuhs from Pabst Brewing, Nancy, John & Joe for yet another

fun Friday.

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together.As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

06 March 2013

Friday BeerBuzz - The Teaser - 8 Mar 2013

WILKFridayBerbuzz8It was a real honor last week to talk beer with Brian Grossman from Sierra Nevada.  Brian is not only the son of founder Ken Grossman, but also the general manager for the new North Carolina Sierra Nevada Brewery.  Brian had some great info on the new brewery and what we can expect on the east coast, so I’m very excited to see what comes next from Sierra Nevada.

So what will we be sampling this week? Hint: Next week we have a brewmaster and beer most of you are not expecting …but keep in mind it’s also a 2012 GABF Gold winner.

Tune in at 8:30AM and see what beer we sample on the Friday BeerBuzz on WILK…bringing good beers and good people together. (103.1FM or wilknewsradio.com)

01 March 2013

Friday BeerBuzz Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye & Bigfoot 2013 w/Brian Grossman (Video)

WILK Friday BeerBuzz - 1 Mar 2013 Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye w/Brian Grossman

WILKFridayBerbuzz14Back in 1979 a young man named Ken Grossman founded a small brewery in Chico CA.  Named after one of his favorite places to hike, Sierra Nevada Brewing started small, but has grown over the last 30-years to become one of the largest “small” breweries in the U.S…and they are poised to grow even larger in 2014 as they move to open their new Mills River, NC Brewery.

With Sierra Nevada making a big move to open an east coast facility, and with the impact I believe that will have on our local craft beer community, I thought this was a perfect time to welcome the 2nd generation of Grossman family brewers on to the show.  Today we welcomed Brian Grossman, son of founder Ken Grossman and general manager and brewer for the new Mills River NC Sierra Nevada facility to join us to talk Sierra Nevada beer.

Following in your father’s footsteps is not always easy, and with such big shoes to fill, Brian will have his hands full.  Add to that the complexity and size of the new Mills River facility and we know Brian will be a busy young man…so we thank Brian for taking the time to talk with us today.  With that in mind, we decided to sample a beer from both generations of Grossmans on the show today.
In just two years of existence, Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA has become a classic beer already.  This non-traditional Rye IPA brings forth some of the dry spiciness of the rye used in the malt bill but also a touch of citrus and fruit.  It has a dry almost peppery finish but a pleasing herbal and citrus note up front that combine to make it a very drinkable beer.
We also wanted to taste a Sierra Nevada classic brew, and one that dates back to 1983…so why not march out the classic Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine.  This beer is bold on so many levels from malty to hoppy, and at almost 10% ABV and almost 100 IBU, this is the beer that has single-handedly defined what an American Barleywine should be.  Try this beer and if you can resist drinking all of it…be sure to cellar some too.  As Sierra Nevada says this beer has “supreme cellerability.”  And if that’s not enough, it’s also exciting to see a special Barrel-aged Bigfoot being released in limited quantities to celebrate Sierra Nevada’s 30th Anniversary.  It may not be easy to find, but it will be well worth the search.

It was a ton of fun talking to Brian and a lot of fun getting his insider Sierra Nevada info.  I mean who knew that Torpedo IPA in just a few years on the market has become the number 1 selling IPA in the U.S.  Who knew it sells almost as many units as SN Pale Ale….and who knew that there is more than one Torpedo-Hop-Infusion devices!

It was even more exciting to get to hear about the Sierra Nevada Mills River facility.  It’s clear that this facility will be a very special place in the craft beer world, thanks in part to Brian’s involvement and hard work.  I’m excited to see what will come next for the east coast when Sierra Nevada opens in North Carolina so stay tuned….and of course between now and the anticipated Fall 2014 opening, I will continue to shamelessly beg Brian to be invited to Beer Camp!

Thank you to Brian Grossman from Sierra Nevada, Nancy, John & Joe for yet another

fun Friday.

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together.  As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

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